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Welcome to the all new Chubsters Golf C.C.

I am thinking of doing an additional pick system for the 4 Major Tournaments, with carry overs into the FedEx Cup

My proposal is simple, pick any golfer you like, but you can't pick them again, the rules:

In the even of a tie, the highest player not to make the cut is the winner. If you are interested in this format please let me know and I will create it and all players will be available, unless picked previously.

As you guys have noticed the way things are done on here have changed and I want to thank you guy for your paitience. There will no longer be any issues with making your picks or logging into the site. I will keep on working to improve the site an make available a lot more features. Those will include:

These are some things that I will be working on over the course of the year to implement